Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in East Africa, made up of mainly hilly terrain which led to its name “The land of a Thousand Hills”.  Rwanda is a green undulating landscape of hills, with lots of tea gardens which is the major cash crop grown there. The country offers tourists a one of a kind journey – home to one third of the world remaining mountain gorillas, one third of Africa’s birds species, several species of primates, volcanoes, game reserve, resorts and islands on the expansive Lake Kivu, graceful dancers, artistic crafts and friendly people, all of this has led the country to be voted one of the leading tourist destination areas in Africa.

Looking at the vibrant clean city and wonderful views is just enough to makes you notice the uniqueness and natural beauty within Rwanda. Indeed the country has all one needs to see & explore in Africa for either short or long stay.

Top Things to Do

The trending trips across the country opens up the beauty of all Rwanda National parks and attractions giving guests a chance to experience Africa in the best way.  All attractions are convenient for all kinds of visitors even the one day excursionists.

The Volcanoes National park offers the simplest solution for life time adventures in just a day followed by other attractions like the genocide sites, cultural attractions etc. There is no doubt of meeting the mountain gorillas as long as you book the trip necessities in time.

For the past two decades, Rwanda has grown to be the most exciting Africa holiday destination with a blooming rich culture, attractions and many scores of good eateries across the city and  near different parks and attractions. The diversity is what makes it such a great destination for unique Africa holidays especially gorillas and chimpanzee safaris.

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park which is home to the famous mountain gorillas has become a prime destination for gorilla tracking. This is the most visited of the three national parks in Rwanda as tourists come from all over the world to come and see these amazing and endangered mountain gorillas.

A gorilla trek in Volcanoes National park takes 1-8 hours depending on the group allocated and the movement of the gorillas in there natural environment. The tracking in Volcanoes NP is not very strenuous, but will take you through muddy and slippery ground, so expect to get dirty. Tracking goes through shrubs with nestles which may sting, so it is advisable to wear long and thick pair or pants. Volcanoes NP is made up of mainly bamboo forest, which the gorillas feed on and other fruiting trees. It is a bit challenging for especially unphysical fit trackers, but the meeting of the gorillas is rewarding! To track the gorillas, one has to buy the gorilla permit which is now sold at USD750 per permit and this only allows one to track the gorillas once.

A maximum of only one hour is allowed to stay in presence of the gorillas, which is enough to take photographs and ask questions concerning the mountain gorillas.

Other Safaris in Rwanda

With the love for primates, tourists end up booking trips which enable them meet both gorillas and chimpanzees. However, one has to visit the best primate playground Nyungwe forest located in southwestern Rwanda, at the border with Burundi, to the south, and Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Walking through the best preserved montane rainforest in Central Africa is one of the most popular Rwanda adventures done by every primate lover. The busy schedule needs a minimum of four to five days in order for one to appreciate the beauty of not only the primates but Rwanda as a destination. The rain forest is beautiful and breathtaking with many exciting affordable tour activities. The Waterfall hike goes for $50 a worthy hike impressive hike on clear trail with rare waters which hit the rock instead of cool off at the pool making it too lovely and impressive. The prime chimpanzee viewing takes only $90 from your wallet but the experience is more than the price after spending time in forest chasing the fast moving apes .This activity is more fun during the rainy season because chimps can be spotted in big numbers. Would recommend the morning trek so that you can meet them fresh.Another favorite to find here are the Colobus monkeys that go for $60 and can be seen after a short walk.

Still to come is the impressive Akagera National park another place for you when you arrive in Rwanda & make sure you stay overnight for a real safari .The night time noises alone are worth the trip, dinner around the campfire, breakfast on the water followed by plenty  of animals that will not disappoint you. Plenty of animals will be seen in company of the friendly, knowledgeable and fun ranger who keep telling tourists details about the different animal species. The must  see include elephants, giraffes, hippos, lions, impala, baboons, water buffalo ,birds and more  without forgetting the lovely landscape  which make visitors experience life of another world. Rwanda has incredible tours, attractions and friendly people that make all Rwanda trips wonderful and amazing. Would highly recommend one to combine wildlife, culture and primate adventures for any amazing Rwanda holiday.Whatever wildlife you plan to see remember that Rwanda has more than what you can imagine generally from primates,landscape,mountains,lakes,beaches,genocides etc.Recording devices and camera will turn your trip into memories so just keep your batteries charged.Feel grateful to meet up with Rwanda Unique wildlife living creature on your dream Africa trip as you discover the most beautiful national parks in Rwanda out of crowd.