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Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland's Premier Tourist Destination

Towering magnificently along the coast of County Clare, the Cliffs of Moher rank high among popular tourist attractions, stretching for up to 5 miles and reaching their peak at 702 feet. The cliffs are named after an old fort called Moher that once stood on Hag’s head to the most southern peripheries of the cliffs.

February 2007 saw the official opening to the public of the Cliffs of Moher Visitors Experience; a multi-million centre built into a hillside just before the cliffs, serving as a viewing tower, which is fitted with multimedia screen displays that give a coverage of the history, geology, wildlife and plant life of the Cliffs of Moher. Beds of sandstone and Namurian shale define the cover through the cliffs. The cliffs are home to a diversified bird population, estimated at over 20 different species.

Ring of Kerry

Why You Should Visit the Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry is part of the Wild Atlantic Way and the place has attracted several visitors over the years. It has an amazing beauty and it is a natural center for outdoor pursuits such as water-sports, cycling, running golf and riding. The place is also a great fishing ground for sea for bass, trout, tuna, mullet, mackerel, cod, conger reel, flounder and wrasse.

The Ring of Kerry is one of the finest beaches around the world that provide all facilities for traditional holidays especially those that take place at the sea side. It also has a spectacular insight based on the ancient heritage of Ireland. This is because it enables individuals to view Old Monasteries, landscape that have been curved of rock and of 10, 000 years.

Visitors to Ireland should not miss a trip to Ring of Kerry Ireland because it is the best place where they can stay with their families. It is a pleasure to be hosted at this center and have a good and fulfilling life experience.

Bru na Boinne

Pre Historic Sites In Bru Na Boinne

Also known as the palace or a times the mansion Bru na Boinne is the best place to be for any tourist who want adventure and to learn many pre historic news,it is one of the coolest and green place in Ireland.It is found along the river Boyne,just when the river starts to bend and generally the place is suited almost around Dublin city and five kilometers away from slane,it is actually a good and most accessible pre historical site in Ireland.

The oldest landscape between Bru na Boiine contains three of the most largest tombs in the world known Dowth, knowth and newgrange which was build in about five thousand years ago in the middle stone age,this landscape too has very many monuments which has seen it get more and more tourist day in day out thus why if you want to be updated with the past then the best place for you to be is the landscape between Bru na Boine in Ireland

Giant's Causeway

What Makes Giant’s Causeway A Gem On Earth

Considered one of the most spectacular locations to visit, Giant’s Causeway alone has seen millions and millions of tourist flocking this part every single year. It has in a way managed to epitomized what we human love the most. Below are a few of the things that have made this location a tourist paradise.

Its breathtaking sceneries views are unlike anything you have ever seen. From some of the most pleasant walks, visitor center to the rocks, this place look like a scene from a science fiction of fantasy. It is perfect place with geology, stories and spectacular seas when the tide comes in.

This legendary tourist destination has in a way epitomized limitless opportunities. As a matter of fact, with all the good things you can net from Giant’s Causeway Ireland, you will practically be spoilt for choice. It is one of those locations in and around the world any holiday maker would kill to be. It is worth a visit.