Virunga Mountains

The Virunga Ranges of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

The name Virunga is derived from the Kinyarwanda word “ibirunga”, which means “volcanoes”. They are also known as the Mufumbiro ranges, which means “mountains that cook” due to the active volcanoes in D.R. Congo.

The 8 mountains that constitute the ranges span the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some of the ranges are shared between 2 countries with only Sabyinyo being the only one shared between Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

The African continent is one land that has great pleasures and is an ideal way of spending adventurous tours in this part of the world. Eastern Africa is another land with the most fascinating tour delights and the most mesmerizing thrilling locales. There are some regions in this world which give ideal travel experiences and Eastern Africa is one such region with the best kind of travel experiences.

Come to the Virunga Mountains and see the pleasures of being in a land of thrilling locales and adventurous delights. With more than 1000 gorillas that are left herein the world, the fact that you can get to see these gorillas in this part of the world is one thing that you wouldn’t mind experiencing in the travels to this part of the world.

So see the mountain gorillas here and experience the best of wildlife delights which make tours here greatly exciting. The mountain gorillas are a great sight and the simple feeling of being in another land totally is what makes tours here greatly memorable.

The Virunga Range is a volcanic region which has the most mesmerizing sights of the 450 mountain gorillas which live in this region of volcanic pleasures. The Virunga Range lies along the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo which leis in the eastern part of Africa. There are around 350 gorillas which live in the region of Bwindi which lies in Uganda which is a thick rain forest. There are two Uganda Parks the Mgahinga National park and the Bwindi National Park which are basically gorilla tracking zones. Mgahinga is located in the southwestern part of Uganda on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains the entire park is on the borders of the Rwanda and DRC. Spanning around 28 square miles and thus has gorillas and also bushbuck, buffalo, golden monkeys and also leopards.

Bwindi is in the southwestern part of Uganda and is the place where more than half the mountain gorillas of this region live. The park spans over 200 square miles and has the best sights of dense rainforest and is also a World Heritage Site. The experience of tracking down the gorilla and having the fun of seeing the gorillas is a great experience in itself. Chimpanzees are also great sights here and the beautiful avifauna is an added attraction in this pleasurable land of wild delights.

Come to Rwanda and experience the bliss of being in a land of exciting thrills. This is one park in the northern part of the country which has a great gorilla population in the Virunga National park. The park has a stretch and covers around six volcanoes. The park permit system is very smooth and this is the place where there are research centers for the gorillas.

There is a section in the Virunga Mountains which is called the Parc National des Virunga. Gorillas move around freely in the Virunga national park and actually there was a group of gorillas which used to live on the Ugandan side and then moved to Rwanda. Then the safari companies started operating here and the gorillas’ movements were tracked and the entire tour of gorillas started here.

Getting to see gorillas is not easy and the fact that there are gorillas in the Virunga national park is not guaranteed totally yet the trek to the places where gorillas live is an exciting proposition and the whole idea of enjoying the beautiful steep slopes and the adventurous treks is what makes the visit to Virunga a very good way to spend your vacations. The entire area has the most intriguing population of red ants and so ensure that you wear very long socks so that you are not bitten by them.

When eventually you do see the gorillas then they will be those who are used to seeing humans and so you can get closer to them and enjoy tracking the gorillas here. Only ensure that you go in a group and that you don’t take any flash photography and also be well equipped with the best warm clothing and also enjoy the cool climate here into his land of beautiful sights.