Best Time to Visit Gorillas

Many travelers ask about the best time to visit the gorillas. However the best times differ from the countries

Peak Season months

It’s true that many travelers plan tracking gorillas in this period of the year known as summer when its dry and the forests isn’t too maddy.This always between mid June- Mid October and from December – Mid March. The roads are passable even those in remote areas because it shines morning to evening. Travels is easy and fan because every day is warm with cool mornings and evening at gorilla park areas. However, to track gorillas in this season, prior booking of the safari and gorilla permit in particular is recommended to avoid change of trip program due to gorilla permit availability. Some Tourists book their trekking permits a year before or six months to the tracking date in order to be on the safe side. Remember gorilla tracking is on high demand year round., Its demand also move hand in hand with other tour adventures like chimpanzee trekking , bird watching, mountaineering and wildlife viewing.

Discounted Gorilla Tracking Months

Initially April, May and November  used to be low season travel months but today, the discounted gorilla permit offers in Uganda  make  them the favorite  budget gorilla trekking safari  months where travelers save big on each travel essential that’ is gorilla permit, transport and accommodation. While in Congo Discounted gorilla permit offers run from mid-march-mid May & mid October-mid November every year. Gorilla permits in Uganda cost US$450 while Congo gorilla permits go for only US$200.If you planning to track gorillas on budget or cost friendly rates, try the above months of the year.