The most interesting safari in the Republic of Rwanda is gorilla trekking. Well, this activity is done in Virunga Mountains which borders where there are 10 gorilla groups. The habituated gorilla families have been trained to tolerate human present.

Today, Rwanda is the favorite destination for mountain gorilla trekking. A lot makes Africa travel exciting and memorable but tracking the endangered mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park is indeed an experience of a life time.

Morning sunrise at the gorilla forest puts a smile on every day’s tracker because it creates a warm atmosphere that everyone needs. Rwanda is surely the perfect place to track mountain gorillas in the wild and watch them play, jump and relax as a family. The hour of photography and observation that every gorilla tourist gets is one of the life time experiences to keep in your memories and bright for ages. Rwanda gorilla permits go for $1500 year round though negotiations are in process to discount prices in low seasons just like Uganda.

Now if you have enough funds and fitness, tracking Rwanda gorillas twice is too incredible and usually named the best with an outstanding version of meeting the beautiful primates twice.However, for those travelling on budget would recommend the day trip to see gorillas with a night before and after in Kigali city Rwanda’s Capital. If waking up early isn’t your thing, good to book a 2 days or 3 day Rwanda gorilla tracking tour that permits you to rest enough close to the park headquarter in a close convenient lodge.Remember the best gorilla tracking months are June- October and December –March during the dry season though even those who visit the country during the other months of the year get the finest experience. Some travelers say the rainy seasons are actually the best times to track gorillas being a year round activity.

Afternoons are incredible if spent with Rwanda locals at Iby’wachu cultural village or take a chilling moment at your mountain gorilla lodge and meditate with the wonderful gorgeous views of hills and green vegetation. Besides you can’t miss the view backdrop of mountain views.Among the things Rwandan do best is how to present their great cultural aspects of the past in the present. Great moments come during the cultural dance performance right from the start to the end. Get lost in the incredible cultural performances as you sock yourself into nature and social life.Did you know the entire community project is dedicated to Rwanda cultural norms and beliefs and the performances held here are one of the most famous across the world.

Get Started with Planning Your Gorilla Trek

When you are planning for your Rwandan Gorilla trekking safari, there some things you need to take care of including;

The Season and time of gorilla tracking

This activity can be done all year round. The best time however to go for gorilla trekking is during the drier months of June to September and then December to February. The rains in these parts of the Republic of Rwanda can fall at anytime of the year.

Obtaining the Gorilla Permits in Rwanda

To track gorillas anywhere in east and central Africa, you will need a gorilla tracking permit. In the republic of Rwanda, there are 80 gorilla permits which are available every day. The smart thing to do is to purchase a permit for your desired dates of the tracking experience and a gorilla tracking experience goes for US$1500.

What level of fitness do you require to go for gorillas tracking?

As a tourist, you do not need to   be a sportsman to be fit for gorilla trekking. The experience will be enjoyed better if you have good fitness because a bit of walking will be required to be in position to track them. Thus if you are not quite fit the few hill will give you some challenge.

The activity of Gorilla trekking

What is expected from you on the day of Gorilla trekking?

When you are in the Republic of Rwanda for your gorilla safari, you will be force d to be very ready for your adventure. On the day of g0rilla trekking, you be required to get your passport and a gorilla permits.  You should not forget your trekking gloves, boots and rain jackets. Your passports and gorilla permits will be crosschecked to verified to see whether you are the ownership. When the briefing is done, you will you will be divided into the groups of 8 where each group is assigned a gorilla family to tack.

How the gorilla groups are assigned

The gorilla groups are assigned basing on the age, fitness and preference. Basing on fitness and age, those are less fit and above 45 are usually assigned to track easy families. You should remember that the gorillas are not predictable to find. While the groups are assigned it is not that a guarantee that because a group is usually easy to find. Each group has a main guide and two scouts, who carry guns to ensure your safety and will protect you from elephants.

Gorilla tracking/trekking in Rwanda

The activity of gorilla trekking can be varied of a time depending on the group that is tracked. The general location of the gorilla family are located in terrain. After the short trek, you will be relieved and happy to find the gorillas. For you to surprise these gorillas you will be advised to stay calm which is calm to avoid sudden movements. You should avoid making an eye contact with the gorillas because   this can irritate them into thinking up for a fight. You will see the gorillas when feeding, grooming, playing or just being. The photo opportunities are good   and you need to have your cameras ready to snap off shot after shot of amazing gorilla photographs. After you have stayed one hour with the mountain gorillas, you will get time to head the park and get back to your hotel. During the day of trekking/tracking in the volcanoes national park, you should end before 7:00 pm.