What to Wear

It’s always very vital to prepare before you set into the forest to search our close relatives the mountain gorilla. Since tracking is done in the rain tropical forest deep into the forest which is sometimes muddy with a lot of stinging plants and biting insects, you should ware appropriately in order to have a successful trekking safari. Below is how a trekker should be prepared before setting into the forest for gorilla tracking.

Put on strongest walking shoes/boots, this is very vital in order for someone to navigate well the tropical forest of volcanoes national park. Make sure you get comfortable shoes/boosts that will give you the freedom to walk freely in the forest which is sometimes characterized with muddy and steep slopes.In terms of clothing put on long sleeved shirts or blouses, they help against stinging nettles and insect bites and these can help you also since it’s always cold when you set out into the forest. No matter the color of the cloths, the gorillas are used to human whatever clothes you put on are likely to get dirty remember you may spend over 1-8 hours in the jungle searching for our relatives since meeting them depends on where they spend their last night from and also on the gorilla family trekked.So if you have pre-muddied clothes, you might as well wear them.

Wear a Jacket/sweeter: this is necessary for a gorilla trek, since it’s sometimes cold in the forest wear a jacket to give you a worm and stamina to walk into the forest. Since tracking is done in the tropical rainforest it can rain at any time so it can rain on you. A sweeter or a jacket is very vital and it’s always good if you bring a rain jacket to avoid raining on you direct.

A walking stick: This is most of the time provided by the lodge on request or at the park headquarters, it’s very necessary If you feel safer walking with it, it will give you stamina and also helps to pave path during the search, sometimes tracking may involve diverting from the original trail depending on where the gorillas are located. You will be offered a wooden stick at the start of the ascent.

A bag and more importantly if its waterproof, a bag is very necessary as it can help to carry your necessities like a jacket, camera, note book, bottled water and sometimes packed lunch. During rainy season make sure that your camera is sealed in a plastic bag. If you hire a porter he can help to carry your bag inorder to make you free for tracking.

A hat and Sunglasses; for gorilla tracking a hat and sunglasses are also necessary, a hat can protect you from the boiling sun of Africa and also in times of rain and a sunglass is good as it can help you to prevent from the small insect that can fall into your eyes.

Binoculars, the forest is a home to very many species of animals and birds, so a binocular is very important as it can help you to see other forest inhabitant in a far range , and if you are a bird water it will help you the more. Binocular are not much necessary for seeing gorillas since just 7metres are allowed to be kept from the gorillas, don’t also forget a camera to carry out photography.

Porters are always available on request;in case you need one inform your guide, he will get you one at a fee of usd 5-10.If you are carrying very many trekking gears, It’s not abusive to hire a porter to carry your day pack don’t deny them a chance to earn income as a way of benefiting from tourism.

If the above is observed well, your tracking experience will be a memorable one;in case of anything contact us at info@virunga.net we will get back to you as SAP.