Mountain Gorilla Countries Focus on Tourism and Conservation

The three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo that own the Virunga transboundary National parks and a home to the world mountain gorillas a highlight to many Africa safaris. Tourists visit these countries every day for wonderful wildlife experience that has been irreplaceable for a while. Having the same attractions each country copies at least something from each other especially in terms of Tourism and conservation.

Here is a chance for East Africa’s most impressive wildlife countries and Conservationist to answer all major questions that fellow conservationists seek from different countries. The three mountain gorilla countries have achieved a lot and still achieving being an example to many other African National parks and worldwide conservation reserves. However, after Uganda, Rwanda and democratic Republic of Congo fronting  conservation and tourism for a couple of years, the countries decided to share their successful conservation ideals and methods with different African countries through a Conservation Workshop set  for 9th June 2016 in Musanze District a small village  in Rwanda commonly known as the land for Rwanda gorilla safaris. The workshop is an introduction to the Rwanda Cultural Tourism Week which is set for August 26th– September 2nd at the same venue. Make your holiday meaningful by visiting Rwanda in the tourism and conservation days and experience hands on conservation in action with specialists.

The conservationists have a lot to share with all the workshop guests as well as those on conservation holidays. This will be really good and guests will get very accurate idea of what they expect in both tourism and conservation. According to Greg Bakunzi, the founder of Red Rocks Intercultural Centre confirmed that the forthcoming workshop is organized by his organization in partnership with Linking Tourism and Conservation (LT&C) – a Europe-based non-profit organization that “facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience and effective practices that mutually benefit tourism and natural conservation in protected areas”.

The workshop will be attended by conservationists and other parts of the region together with tourists who seek to add value on the available natural resources. In the entire east African region, gorilla tourism is the prime income generating sector in conservation a reason for it to be the main agenda of the workshop. The workshop also seeks to get answers of how the gorilla permit fee is used and managed with in park plus the surrounding communities. Tourists will  know how exactly their permit fee is spend across the park and the surrounding community as the management  hold value of the born life time country treasures.

A gorilla permit in Uganda goes for around six hundred US Dollars in the offpeak months of the year i.e April, May and November, UWA offers promotional gorilla permits for USD350 per person. Though the price of the Rwanda gorilla permit price is higher than that of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo,  the experience is the same. Come June 9th, the conservationists will come to know how much money goes to local communities and park conservation but Greg Bakunzi holds the responsibility of discussing the best example of private tour companies in the support of park management which involves even the local communities.

Looking at worldwide great conservationists, Eddie Riddell from Krüger National park south Africa is one of the them the  reason for his invite by other fellow conservationist to share experiences and common interests from the perspectives of South African national parks. Other important conservationist is the founder and board chairman LT&C, Dr Peter Prokosch who is expected to lead the delegates from Europe. Participants will not  only visit  the Volcanoes National Park but also the women empowerment initiatives at Red Rocks to learn about community farming (different best agricultural techniques conserving the environment) etc. Organizers of the workshop also added that guests will also visit the TVET center that trains ex-poachers of gorillas, children friendly clubs planting indigenous trees, open land community museum and many more.

Get an outstanding Rwanda holidays by combining your Rwanda gorilla tracking tour with apes conservation in the East Africa region.One can also enjoy game viewing, chimpanzee trekking, water spots, community events, golden monkey trek and Volcano hikes while in Rwanda but if time permits don’t miss out visiting the other two mountain gorilla countries, Uganda and Congo and experience an outstanding in the East Africa region. Do you want to visit the most successful conserved parks of the East Africa region? The mountain gorilla parks of volcanoes, Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park will answers all your questions in just a couple of days though don’t forget to reach Mgahinga Gorilla National Park a second mountain gorilla park in the pearl of  Africa.

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